Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Effie is Missing!

SHE’S HOME! Thank you!

She’s clearly had big adventure night, based on the burrs in her hair. My husband continued to call for her until around 3 this morning before finally coming to bed. I had opened up the side gate so that if she returned, she could easily get in and get access to the dog houses and water dish.

And it worked. When I woke, I immediately went to our back door to check, and she was curled up in the yard like she’d never left.

She’s had some breakfast, and been brushed out good, and seems none the worse for wear for her.

So to all of you who prayed, and tweeted, and facebooked, and shared, thank you! 

Now I’m off to figure out how best to fill in that escape hole.

Please help! Our golden retriever mix escaped from our back yard earlier today. She was let out around 3:30, and my husband noticed she was not still inside the fenced-in yard at around 5:30. With darkness settling in, we were forced to stop searching the area by around 6:30.

Effie is not quite 2 years old. She does have a collar and tags, and is microchipped, but has never been loose and may be skittish and afraid, so she may not let you approach her. On a good day, she comes right away when called, but frankly, it’s not a good day, so I can’t make any promises.

She was last seen near the Garrison Chapel Cemetery on the west side of Bloomington.

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If you find her, please contact us! If you take her to the shelter, they will be able to contact us, thanks to her chip, even if the collar is gone!

And please pray that she gets home before my daughter does tomorrow. As upset as my husband, boys and I all are, my daughter will be simply destroyed.

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  1. Oh, MEGAN!! How much more can you take??? While I can't help you look, I will definitely say a prayer for her safe return...keep us posted.