Sunday, January 16, 2011

Enter the Luke

Ok, this is a bit of a saga, really. If you’re just joining in, go back and read this first, then read this.

Ok – we good? Sweet.

My husband and I have just entered Lucas Oil Stadium, which is an amazing facility. The suite pass is only for me, so we’re splitting up – he’s got time to explore, I’m heading upstairs to make sure I’m where I’m supposed to be, when I’m supposed to be there.

I am pointed in the right direction by the exceptionally friendly staff (seriously – the staff is amazing) and find myself standing outside a door with guards and a greeter.


I was on the list.

I walk into this amazing room – food on my right, a bar on my left, between the two, several chairs. There are TV’s all over, each one with a different football game on. And in front of me?


Stretched out in front of me is 120 yards of football perfection.

I met several of the folks I’d been tweeting with for the preceding three days, and after a few minutes, we were asked to take a seat, Mr. Irsay was on his way up.

Ho-ly cow. This was the real deal. And I was a part of it.

He talked to us for a bit, then we took pictures – as a group:


And with us individually:



He autographed a few things for us (for me, my suite pass and my game ticket!) And then he said “Well, let’s head down to the field!”


I’m sorry, what?

You could literally see every one of us, already overwhelmed by the generosity we were the recipients of, process that sentence. Confusion. Eyes widening. Jaws dropping. And then, we went.


We all took turns with each other’s cameras, snapping pictures in front of end zones. With players behind us. Oh- and then, they took us down to OUR end, where OUR guys were warming up.


Yep. That’s me, with Peyton Manning just over my left shoulder. 

We probably spent 25 or 30 minutes on the sidelines, watching guys warm up.



Meet Robert Mathis, who’s jersey I rock on game days, and Pat McAfee,  who visited a little boy I know who was recently diagnosed with cancer, and immediately won me over with his kindness.

My boys, getting ready to tackle the Titans.DSC00034

I even was *this close* to a Super Bowl ring!

DSC00059(It was on a member of the Colts staff who was with us. Several of the others ended up wearing it long enough to get their picture taken with it!) 

We eventually were herded back upstairs to the suite, where we were invited to hang out, come and go as we pleased, and enjoy food and beverages. I headed to our seats, and was thrilled to pieces with them – we scored great tickets and got to watch a great game. I didn’t return to the suite, despite my husbands “approval” – I wanted to watch the game, and the seats were a better view! 

Overall, it was an amazing experience, and showed me just how valuable Twitter could be.

And then… there was the next week!

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  1. These posts are so fun to read!! What a treat for you as you head into tax season!

  2. That is so awesome I love me some Peyton Manning =) Very cool indeed