Sunday, March 20, 2011

random thoughts.

I’m not sure if I’m looking for divine intervention, or what.

I just know that I’ve not been feeling it.

I WANT to write – the desire is there, but frankly, I feel like I have nothing to say. Nothing to share. And not a whole lot of time or energy to share my nothing with you with!

So, forgive this post, as it’s likely to be very rambling and disjointed, as posts go, but I figured nothing will get the juices flowing again like just writing.

  • I officially have less than a month left of the tax season. I think that realization has given me my second wind. I’ve spent the last week getting a ton done at the office.
  • My tree is NOT STILL STANDING in my living room! Yes, it really was  March before it came down. The ornaments and such had been off for a while, but extenuating circumstances prevented it from being boxed up.
  • Mt. St. Laundry has erupted on my couch again. The good news is we have clean clothes. The bad news is no one wants to fold any of them.
  • The boys both enjoyed baseball enough last year that they’ve decided to play again this year. I’ve heard from Jeep’s coach, and am excited for him – I think he’s going to have a chance to really develop this year. Still waiting to hear from Eli’s.
  • Melissa decided she wanted to play softball! Luckily, they do that at the same ball fields, so we anticipate spending A LOT of time there. (They’ll all be playing in different leagues/age brackets, so I’m looking for a place where I can just pitch a tent and set up a grill.)
  • I want to have so many things to say about the tragedy in Japan, and yet I find myself speechless. As I see images, videos, read stories, I just can’t begin to imagine. Just can’t even begin to fathom how entire communities begin to rebuild from that devastation.

I think I’m going to stop now for a bit – the tail end of a book I’ve been reading and a hot bath are calling out to me! Here’s hoping you all have a great week, and thanks for putting up with my random rambles while I work on getting my groove back!

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  1. I have two kids playing baseball/softball (thankfully in the same complex) but three would be a grand adventure! Have fun with that! :)

    No really I love watching kids an their sports and if I had a third child I would rise to the occassion for them. On my daughter's team there is a little girl who is one of three and she is the only one who plays sports. Her mom says there is no way the other two could play at the same time because she would never be able to handle it. Makes me kinda sad for them especially since there is one who always wants to be involved at practice.