Thursday, April 28, 2011





I know people hate negativity, I get it. No one wants to think about the bad when there is good to see as well, but sometimes you need to KNOW about the bad to create the good.

My twitter feed this morning is a mish-mosh of conversation – not unusual. I follow a variety of tweeters. Tax people, other moms, sports people. That always generates tangential stuff in my TweetDeck.

Today, though, it’s hitting harder.

Today, some are talking about the devastation in the south. The tornadoes and other severe storms that ravaged a huge section of our country over the last few days, and specifically yesterday. The storms that have, SO FAR, generated a death toll in excess of 200 people.

The others? They’re talking about a wedding. Between 2 people they will likely never meet, in another country. Discussing the hours put into making clothes and cakes.

Maybe they need that. Maybe they need to distance themselves from the death, destruction and devastation. The heartbreak. The families who have lost everything. Who are standing at the end of their street, wondering where the pieces of their lives have been blown to.

For me, though? I look at the images, and am grateful. I am continually humbled by the power of nature, and how quickly she can turn on us. How a few rainy days can result in floods that wipe out entire communities. How a summer thundershower can spawn a tornado that rips apart cities. How a snowy day can turn to tree-crushing and power line-snapping ice storms.

So, you all enjoy your royal wedding. Me? I’m working on clearing a couple hours in my schedule to run over to the Red Cross to give blood.

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  1. I think people just can't handle the devastation so they turn to other things to preoccupy their minds.

    Thank you for giving blood :-)