Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I really, really love it when I get the right email at just the right time.

I have a couple different daily emails I signed up for that I just call “Encouragements” – I sought them out at a time when my relationship (and my patience!) with my oldest son was strained. It was a truly difficult time for me, and we still face the same battles, but I keep working to approach them in better ways.

I’m not always very good at that.

Approaching them in better ways.

I have been known to have a temper. I’ll be the first to admit, ever so sheepishly, that I’m a yeller. I have a fiery Irish temper that will flair up fast, and diffuse just as quickly.

That few moments in the middle?

Those are the ones where I hurt the people I love. I say mean things. I have full-on hissy fits. I’ve been known to throw a shoe, slam a door, and even just stand in the middle of the room letting out a scream that would make Tarzan run and  hide.

That? That’s not really what I want to teach my kids. And I’ve worked on being better, but probably not as hard as I should. I know that it’s not going to just magically happen overnight, and I’m going to slip back into old habits more often than I want to, but…

I can do  this.

I CAN be a great parent. The parent I WANT to be. The one that is supportive, and patient, and understanding. Not a doormat, mind  you, but someone my kids can trust, and rely on to be there, and in a positive, supportive way.

That email? It had some great tips on how to work on that.  I just have to PAUSE…

Pray for your child daily.

Actions speak louder than words.

Use words that lead to positive action, rather than condemnation.

See your child as a work in progress. Show them what to do.

Encourage your child. Catch them doing something right.

….. pause, and be a better parent.

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