Monday, June 13, 2011

Proud Momma Moments

For as much time as we spend at the baseball diamonds, you’d think we were developing some serious star potential.

Yeah, probably not. We’re just having fun, and the kids are getting exercise and learning about working as a team. Truth is, really, my kids aren’t great players.

But our last two times out for Jeep’s games have done a great deal to make me proud. Not because he played phenomenally, or made the big catch, or scored the winning run.

Because he didn’t quit.

Even when all the other kids on his team had.

Last Thursday, it was HOT. The kind of hot that makes it hard to breathe because the air is humid and still, and just feels so thick you could cut it. The sun was intense. It was also the first day of summer vacation, and we had a bunch of kids who had clearly spent it playing. HARD.

The team was just wiped out. You could see it. And it didn’t take long for the other team to see it, and take advantage. We didn’t hit well, we didn’t pitch well, we didn’t defend.. um, at all. It was ugly.

But, out there, every pitch, Jeep was moving. He was playing second, and every single pitch, he was moving. He backed up his pitcher. He covered the base. He was down and ready.

And his coaches? They made a big deal out of it. They were full of praise and high fives, smiles and support. They even told him he could pick where he wanted to play tonight.

Tonight, our kids were back, and the energy was great. They played with enthusiasm, putting their best effort into what they were doing.  Jeep told the coach (of his own accord!) that he simply wanted to be played where he would provide the best benefit to the team.

After the game, the coach’s wife came up to me and said “I just wanted you to know that Jeep’s name comes up at our house every single day. He has just impressed Todd with his attitude and hustle, and he mentions it every single day.”

Beaming. This right here? This is a proud, proud momma.

Now if I could just get that same attitude and hustle at home. ;-)

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