Friday, July 22, 2011

We Were Off to the East Coast

My mom and I had discussed visiting her dad this summer, and once baseball was wrapped up for the season, the time to make it happen was upon us. As we reviewed our calendars, we discovered it was more upon us than we’d realized. Our schedules were quickly filling up! Work trips for me, school things for her (she’s a teacher) and only a few holes in there for us to try to go see my grandfather.

We sat down on Monday to take a look at it all, and decided Wednesday was our shot. My aunt would have a nice 4-day weekend thanks to the Independence Day holiday, so we’d be able to spend time with her as well, along with cousins galore. So, that was it. I spent Tuesday packing and preparing, and Wednesday morning, the kids and I jumped in the van, picked up mom and hit the road.

It’s about a 12 hour drive from our central-Indiana home to the coastal Virginia town where they all live. We made pretty decent time, and the kids did really well. (Which truly was my biggest fear. What parent doesn’t fear TWELVE HOURS in the car with their three kids?) Once we arrived, however?

Nothing but fun.


From checking out big, fun waterslides,

DSC00859  to jumping waves,


to swimming in the ocean for the first time.


And that? It was just Thursday.


Our visit only got better from there.

There was fun with cousins on the slip ‘n’ slide. DSC00896




We also got to take a ride on a sailboat – now being generally landlocked, I will probably give the details using all wrong terminology, but, there were three large masts, and the whole experience was very cool for the kids. (And for me!)

DSC00931 DSC00932_crop DSC00934We cooked out. We played with sparklers on the 4th. We went back to the beach.  We spent time with family we don’t get to see nearly enough. And then, all to quickly, it was over. It was time to pack up our things and come home. So, we did. Another Wednesday, another 12 hours in the van. But lots of fun memories! And some pretty silly ones, too! – see?!

DSC00900 DSC00902

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