Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I’m not Dead!

Unless, of course, dead tired counts.

It doesn’t, though.

It is the busiest time of the year for me. Lots of late nights, early mornings, hold muzak, paper cuts and computer screens.

This tax season has not been without its quirks. My twitter is a mess of fussing over IRS issues. I’ve talked to IRS agents, Indiana E-file coordinators, software developers, clients, support teams, and myself. (I talk to myself a LOT. I think, at this point, I’m the only one who listens to me.)

On the home front, the house is still standing. I know, because I do manage to show up to fall into bed there. The Christmas tree is still standing, too. (No laughing.)

The kids seem to be doing well – I get that rushed hour of getting ready for the day with them each morning, and bits and pieces of other time. Rumor is the husband is doing ok too. Blessedly, he’s kept the home fires burning. I usually come home to dinner waiting, and he even stocked my freezer here at the office with a variety of TV dinners that I can nuke and eat while I sit on hold, waiting for someone at the IRS to answer the phone.

My great state, and specifically our capital city of Indianapolis, hosted a pretty rockin’ Super Bowl week. Helped a ton that our weather was INCREDIBLE. Loved that the Pats lost.

I’m missing my “Imaginary Friends”. I’m missing my “IRL” friends, too. Mostly, right now, I’m missing my bed. So with that, I’m sliding out, but I had a minute, and wanted to reassure myself that I was, in fact, not dead.

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  1. I hate how busy this time of year gets for you. Praying for your stress level and for strength to endure.

    Missing you lots and lots.