Saturday, March 10, 2012


I started this post a few weeks ago… Unfortunately, much of the basis of the post continued to stare me in the face, and I didn’t finish it. Here’s what I had at that point :


Merriam-Webster defines it as  : a state, condition, or instance of serious or continued difficulty or adverse fortune.

We’ve all faced it on many varying levels.

Sometimes, it’s something small at work, sometimes it’s something big. Other days it’s a personal challenge.

And sometimes?

It’s all of the above.

Sometimes, it’s a tax season working with an IRS that has systems so backwards that they don’t know what to do.

Sometimes, it’s family members facing health issues, and you know that time is slipping away faster than you’re ready for it to.

It’s hard, when you’re used to being able to just fix it. When you have always been able to make it better. And now? When it’s all beyond your control, and you can’t fix it?

It breaks you.

It breaks your heart.

I’m glad I didn’t finish it. Instead, what I did was tweet out, and Facebook out, and I asked for prayer. In some places, I had to be a bit cryptic about my request – much of this story is not mine to share, and I did not want to overstep lines. Despite that, many of you replied that you were praying. I prayed.

And you know what?

God is still in the business of answering prayer.

That’s pretty sweet.

It’s not over yet – the challenges we were staring down just a few weeks ago are still there, but they aren’t nearly as intimidating as they were. Instead of rapid declines, we’re seeing steady ascension. Positive movement, positive attitudes, positive spirits.

Just a few weeks ago, I sat at this keyboard broken. My spirit crushed, my heart heavy. Today, I am renewed, refreshed.

And I am grateful – I am grateful to all those who stopped and prayed, who lifted me and my needs up. So grateful.

Thank you.

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