Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I need more TIME!

PEOPLE! How is it nearly summer vacation for my children!?

Friday is the last day of school, and I am not ready. I feel like I have all these things I need to get done still while I have these last few kid-free days, and yet, I can’t. Between stuff I’m doing for our school, helping my mom with a couple things for her class at her school, and trying to work out the details for both my husband and me to go back to school this fall, I am running out of time!

Oh, and I get to do things like come to work to 30 voicemails.


I have to get my house cleaned up by next weekend, because my sister in law and 2 of her kids are coming for a visit, and I’m going to need for them to have places to actually sleep.

I’m supposed to do that by June 1st. Let’s review the schedule for the week, shall we?

Today so far has included taking J to the high school for a dress rehearsal for his strings performance tonight. Getting the other two off to school, then heading there myself. I met with the principal, the secretary and 4 teachers about assorted things, then headed to my mother’s, where I spent two hours timing slides and music. Saved the info to a jump drive, dropped it off in her classroom on my way to my office. Returned a few phone calls and scheduled some appointments.  I’ll leave here shortly to head back to our school, where I’ll help in the library for a bit, then take my crew home so J can get ready for said strings performance. I want to be BACK at the school between 4:30 and 5 for a retirement reception for our principal, and then I have to have J back up to the high school by 6:30 to warm up for the strings concert at 7.

Tomorrow I will have to work, as well as try to put some time in in the library at school. M has a softball game, so we’ll be at the ballpark for that around 6:30, and home around 8:30. Thursday? Field day at school. I think I’m running a popcorn machine all day, but I’m not 100% on that yet. Oh, and then? Both boys. Baseball. We’ll hit the park by about 5 and be there until almost 10.

Friday is the last day of school, so there are honors day ceremonies for the crew, and then the sixth graders have asked me to come for their Completion Ceremony Friday evening. No word yet on practices for the holiday weekend, but if they’re a go, that’s 2pm Saturday, 2:30 Sunday and 7pm Sunday.

Did I mention that my lawnmower is broken? The gears on the steering shaft are completely stripped out, so it doesn’t turn. My yard looks like a cow pasture with no cattle. On MY list this weekend, around the maybe practices, is repairing or replacing the mower and taming the land a bit.

And of course, there’s the usual. Feed people, provide them with clean clothing, wash the occasional dish…

I need another cherry coke.

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  1. Okay. I run a nonprofit (which means I work full time for free) and work at a paying job on Fridays. The nonprof. is really something I can create my own hours, but I have regular things I do every day of the week - groups, etc.
    I have to hand it to ANY mom who works full time...even part time. You sound BUSY.
    I lead a Bible study at church and I had a lady in my small group who just moved here from China. She said (in broken English) that we American women have a hard life. She said that in China they have one child, and when they are two they go to work full time, but have a nanny and a maid. They live in a small apartment with no yard. (She has two children and just moved into a 4200 sq. ft. home with a big yard and garden...and her hubby works in China 60% of the time. She is OVERWHELMED!) When she said we have a difficult life here doing all we do I thought "I THOUGHT so! I always SUSPECTED that!" :)