Monday, June 18, 2012

I Vow

My husband and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary last weekend. Truth be told, it sort of snuck up on both of us. My mom had called to see if the kids could come spend the night at her house (her upcoming schedule meant it was going to be 3+ weeks before she would be able to visit with them again – that’s a LOT of gap for my mom & kids!), so we jumped all over that.

After I had dropped them off and returned home, we realized that it was our anniversary weekend. I had a gift card for Olive Garden, and we had date night.

It was lovely.

Fast forward to today… I was playing on Pinterest and stumbled across a really great idea. (I guess that’s kind of the point of Pinterest, huh?)

A couple had written their own vows, and had them beautifully laid out into two prints – a set of his words and a set of hers. What I saw was a photo of the two of them together, in their wedding finery, just their torsos and hands, holding the vows prints.

When we got married, it was a very small, simple civil ceremony. No writing of our own vows, nothing elaborate. But?

It let me do this today :

My Vows-001

I’m diggin’ it. And? I intentionally did it so that I can just print it out. A simple frame, and it’s going in to OUR bedroom too.

Is it as pretty as what they had?

My very first thought was no. And then? I looked at the words, and read each piece, and you know what?

It’s gorgeous. Because it’s ours.

Happy anniversary, honey. The first eleven years has been a blast. Let’s see what the next eleven have in store for us!

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