Saturday, August 11, 2012


Friday was a crazy, busy, exhaustingly good day. Lots of running around working on some things for the PTO, followed by a quick lunch with the kids, and off to school to learn who our teachers for this year would be.

The culmination of it all?

The annual Ice Cream Social, hosted by the PTO!

Chocolate and vanilla homemade ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate,  caramel and strawberry syrups, and more sprinkles than we know what to do with. Yum!

After serving ice cream to roughly 300 people, we cleaned up and headed home. Hubby brought home pizza (my hero!) and I crawled off to bed pretty early.

Today I’m sorting through files and photos. Old boxes of paperwork that has collected, a little at a time, to become overwhelming.

Is there much in life that makes you feel more nostalgic than old pictures of your babies?


My sweet boys… Back when they were sweet, and not quite so lippy. Or dirty. Smile  (These are some of my favorite pictures we had done when they were little. I loved the sepia tones, and old fashioned feel to them. I have a couple other shots with Jeep holding an old fishing pole, and it flat melts my heart!)

More and more of our photos are digital as the kids get older, and Melissa comes along, but this shot was done at the daycare one summer and is another favorite. Her face cracks me up!

pink and blue

I won’t get all carried away right now, but I’m going to be scanning in a ton of photos (hopefully!) over the next few weeks, so prepare yourselves – there may be a bit of an onslaught!

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