Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tag-Team Crazy

Remember when I was telling you about needing a straight jacket?

I’m sitting in my office, having just played with the online classes orientation process, while downloading files I need to handle the primary fundraiser at school, and answering periodic phone calls for the actual job thing.

I just sat back for a second, blinking. (For one thing, my contact lenses are dried to my eyeballs, and if I didn’t blink soon, they were never going to come back out.)

What I didn’t know yet, when I decided to go ahead and take 3 classes this fall, was that my husband was pretty intent on being more involved in the PTO. The one that I’m treasurer of. The one that didn’t have a president. At least, not until he volunteered. And meant it.

I’m both excited and nervous at this point – for one thing, I think getting more dads involved in the PTO is great- I hope we’ll find that with this guy tackling stuff, along with the already super-involved dad that we talked in to being the VP, we’re going to find more and more dads participating. If nothing else, I hope that seeing these guys take a lead role will be great for some kids who maybe don’t have a great father figure in their lives.

The nervous? That’s a LOT of pressure in our household. There are a ton of PTO projects that rely on some serious organization, planning, participation… There are a number of other really great people who I know will be there to help pull it all together, but between the two of us, that is a lot of responsibility. And I’ve made it very clear to him – I can’t do both roles. He wants to step up and do this, great! But he has to do it. I can’t be everything I need to be, plus be him too.

So, welcome to a year of crazy. A year of trying new things, expanding horizons, and praying for sanity. Because I keep looking at my piles and hoping that sanity can find me somewhere buried in them!

Are you involved in your school’s PTO/PTA? Do you make it a family affair?

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