Thursday, August 9, 2012

Seeking a Sign

We’ve all wondered if we’re doing the right thing when making a major decision. Sometimes the pressure of it all is overwhelming.

I’ve spent the last few months wrestling with the idea of going back to school. I worry that I’m shortchanging my family by investing this much more time into something other than them. I worry about my job, and being able to balance my time well. Same with my volunteer work with the school.

I went ahead and bit the bullet, registering for classes this week. Even after making that commitment, I still found myself with butterflies in my stomach.

This morning, I was playing around online, checking out Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, and encountered several things that made me smile. A hypothetical letter from a father to a son, showing love and compassion. A set of photos posted to “restore your faith in humanity”. Friends and strangers voting and sharing the link to help our school earn Target gift cards.

Lots of feel-good stuff. And I did. I felt good. I felt positive. Those things went wonderfully with my cup of coffee.

Then, I looked into my back yard. Flitting about along the railing of my deck?

A hummingbird.

My grandmother passed away 5 years ago. She loved hummingbirds, to the extent that her three granddaughters knew immediately that a hummingbird tattoo was a beautiful, fitting tribute. We each bear one on our right shoulder.

I’m sitting here, right now, with a feeling of such peace. I watched that hummingbird as it danced around my deck for three or four minutes. And I knew.

I’m doing the right thing.

There is still good in this world, I have the blessing of my Nanny, and I’m doing the right thing.

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