Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Birthday Letter to my Baby Girl

It’s kind of funny to call you my baby girl, because you’re certainly no baby. Today you are a smart, silly, active nine year old young lady, growing by leaps and bounds.

You’ve become so very independent, and such a helper. You love learning about new things – from helping us in the kitchen, to reading about a topic that interests you, you’re always absorbing information.

Forever willing to lend a helping hand, you’re thoughtful of other people. You rarely complain, unless it’s about your brothers!

You’ve always had your own sense of style, and I love watching your creativity as you put together outfits, gifts for people, and pieces of artwork. You sometimes get angry when we remind you of it, but you best described your personality when you were younger by telling us that your favorite color was “sparkle”.

Because you? You sparkle. Your laugh is infectious, your smile may well split your face one day, and your joy pours from you like it will never end. When you are hurt, you hurt deeply, but heal quickly, and forgive readily.

So, you can be mad that I call you sparkle, but I can think of no better word to describe your heart and soul.

I love you,



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