Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Indiana, Our Indiana….

Oh heeeeey, everybody!

What’s up? I feel like I haven’t been here in forever, but then I realized that it’s not even been a week since Melissa’s birthday, which means I at least did that letter to her within  the last week, which means I’m not as off the rails as I thought I was!

It’s been, as is par for the course, a little crazy around here. The past couple of weeks in my classes have included writing papers and several tests, so I’ve been pretty focused on all that.

But! My honey and I enjoyed a lovely night out on Saturday. An old friend had some tickets to the IU- Ohio State football game that she couldn’t use, and offered them up to us. It was a late night, but was a MUCH better game than we were worried it would be, and we enjoyed the heck out of ourselves.


This was the one pic I snagged of the two of us, and it’s awful! We had met up with some folks to tailgate for a bit before the game, and then we took our cooler back out to our van before going in for kickoff. We ended up hanging there for a few minutes so I could try to charge my phone back up a little, and I took this while I stood outside, and he sat inside of the van. Not a good picture at all, but oh well!



My Hoosiers really played hard, and I gotta tell ya, I came home with NO VOICE at ALL. I was yelling with all I had! 



This one? It’s for my dear twitter friends, who help us in our endeavor to get #FFFLLLAAAGGGSSS trending. It’s an IU thing. DSC03473

I think this weekend we’re going to try to get out and check out Hoosier Hysteria and our preseason #1 basketball squad. Fingers crossed that we can get anywhere near Assembly Hall!

So, what have YOU been up to lately?

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