Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall in Indiana

I love living in Indiana. We truly get to enjoy all four seasons, and currently the leaves are changing into a beautiful colors of fall. We took a little drive through Morgan county Indiana and I took a number of pictures while we were there.


Even on the heels of the significant drought we had this summer, the colors have been lovely. I was probably a couple days late to catch them at their peak, but we really enjoyed what we saw.


We were out that way to pick up my mother-in-law, who was visiting from out of state. As we pulled in to the drive of the farmhouse where she was staying with friends, I snapped this one…

We had a short visit, some breakfast, and then took MIL back to the farm. While we were there, we did a few family photos, and the kids found the barn kittens.


Then I spotted this little guy, the runt of the litter, hiding in a stack of palettes. His eyes? Killed me.


My husband had to all but drag me away. If I could have caught that one? It might have come home with us.


This was just a cool old dinner bell on the farm.

Did you end up with fall colors in your neck of the woods?

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