Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Tweets, Nov. 7th.

No matter which way you voted, the key now is to work together to restore the greatness of our Nation. I'm willing, are you?

Did your side win? Do not gloat or posture - reach out your hand and say to another "WE can do this together."

Did your side lose? Do not stonewall or pout. Reach out your hand and say "WE can do this together."

We have spent too many years as a nation divided. You want to know why we're in some of the messes we're in? Because we chose to be.

By refusing to work together, by taking a position and stating "My way or the highway" we're getting nowhere.

So I ask of all of us - be open and receptive to new ideas. Work as a team, we share common goals! Not identical, but similar.


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