Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I forget, sometimes.

I forget how blessed I am.

I have a job, one that I can say I truly enjoy, working with people who are more than coworkers, more than friends even. Working with people who are my family.

I have a home, and it’s a mess. It’s a mess because it’s filled with things, things that we are able to afford for us, for our kids, for our pets.

I have a vehicle, it works well, I can put the gas I need to in it, and afford insurance for it. My husband has one as well. We even have a working “backup” that we are able to lend to others or use ourselves in a time of need.

I have a partner. Someone who supports me, is my helpmeet. He stands beside me, cheering me on as I fight to better myself.

I have children who do not know want. They have clean clothes to wear, and hot meals laid before them. They have more “stuff” than they know what to do with on any given day.

As I sit here, realizing that I have so much, I am grateful. I am grateful to live a life that, while not without it’s struggles, is beautiful. Is blessed. My cup truly does overflow.

This season often stirs in us feelings of thankfulness. For me, the thankfulness bubbled up after reading a post from a Compassion Blogger. Words are powerful, they have the ability to hurt, or to heal. They can reach out and soothe a broken spirit, they can be what breaks you.

Will you let your words  heal, or hurt?

So blessed.

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