Friday, November 23, 2012


I can’t even find the right ways to say it.

It’s the circle of life. A life begins, another ends, it’s how it works.

Right now, though? Those I see ending are so young. It’s so tragic.

Yesterday, as we gathered around our tables, a family gathered around and wept at the tragic loss of a little boy, barely more than a toddler.

Last night, a sweet baby girl came into the world.

For many months now, I’ve prayed for Ian, the oldest child of Alison. He’s been battling cancer, and recently completed his course of treatment. Alison is due to deliver any time, but dampening that joy is the knowledge that her 4 year old nephew’s time is short, as he is losing his battle against (a different) cancer.

My sister-in-law apologized for store-bought cookies at our gathering, as she spent the day before with the family of a young lady as they laid her to rest.

The loops, the threads weaving in and out. I know it is all part of the tapestry, that there is a design far larger and more beautiful than I can see from this seat. My view of this portion of the loom is so small in relation to the whole piece.

I just wish that the threads could be longer. It’s the short threads that leave the frayed ends.

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