Thursday, March 21, 2013


I clicked over to here the other day, this little space that is my corner in the internet, and looked at my blog. REALLY looked at it. For the first time in a long time. Not as the author, not from the inside, but as someone might who didn’t know me.

Theoretically, I looked at it the same way you do.

I realized how neglected it’s been. I always worry about my lack of writing in this window of time that is the tax season, but I never really worried about how it looked. About it’s visual appeal. I had laid it out in a way I liked, I liked my color scheme, I was proud of the dark text on light background, no captcha and no auto-music.

But I looked at the header, and realized that those kids? I’ve not seen them in a LONG time.  Same with the profile photo of me.  I’ve not done a very good job of updating, maintaining, or developing what I have here.

I’ve grown and changed. My children have as well. What I share in this space is about so many different angles of my life and who I am, who we are as a family, and visually, this space doesn’t really reflect that for me.

So, I’m adding a blog overhaul to my list of things to do after tax season. I’m not going to be able to do much with it before then, but I’m looking forward to playing with it, building it back up, and making it feel like mine again!

And I’ll keep the dark text on the light background, no captcha and no auto-music. Pinky-swear.

Do you have other things you love or hate about blogs you visit? I’m open to tips and suggestions!

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  1. I just visited your blog for the 1st time and you are dead on. The first thing I thought was, "Why does she have photos of her kids from years ago?" I was pretty sure they were a little more grown up than that! However, I am sure you look exactly the same as I remember you in elementary school. HAHAHAHA!