Sunday, December 8, 2013

Awkward Conversation…

So, hey.

It’s not even tax season, and I’ve been REALLY not good at this for a little bit.

Even this feels sort of … awkward. Like when you run into that old friend or co-worker somewhere, and you’re standing there smiling like an idiot, and it’s all “Hey! How are you!” and they’re all “Great! How have you been!” and you’re all “Fantastic!” and it just… stops there.

That’s been the biggest part of why I’ve not been here. I’m just in this place right now where I feel like there isn’t really anything to say. Which is silly, because honestly? The last several months have been full of events and activities. We’ve had holidays and birthdays and deaths and …

and there should be something in all that to say.

but there isn’t.

              somehow, the words just aren’t there.


I think, if you all are willing to bear with me through it, I’m going to just keep showing up and writing, even if it’s not really anything special. Because eventually? The words will come back. And I’d like to be ready for them.

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  1. STILL keeping you in my prayers. Even though I don't know the circumstances, GOD knows and He and I both are wrapping our arms around you !!