Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Truthful Tuesdays: The Whoopsie Wednesday Edition

 Time for the "Whoopsie Wednesday" Edition of Truthful Tuesdays!

(You get Whoopsie Wednesday Editions when Tuesdays become overwhelmingly busy and suddenly it's 11:30 and you're exhausted, and you haven't even been to see other blogs hardly at all all day, and you just had to make a stinking Wal-Mart run and all you want to do is go to bed!)

So, anyway, Elizabeth from Confessions from a Working Mom has again offered up a question for us for our Truthful Tuesdays:

How early is TO early for Christmas decorations?

I did my time in the retail world. I was forced to endure months of Christmas Muzak. I worked the Black Fridays (and was nearly assaulted by a group of crazy women shoppers, but that is a story for another day. Maybe Friday. We'll see!)

It pains me to see Christmas stuff prior to this week. I can almost handle stuff going up in the early parts of Thanksgiving week, just because I know that a lot of people go all out, and need several days to be complete.  But for me, it's Tree Weekend. We don't do a lot of extra stuff, which I mentioned in last weeks 5QF, but I try  to get our tree up during this holiday weekend.

To early? Before Halloween. I am not working my way through lights and wreaths to get to costumes. That's over the top. Both at home and in retail stores. And I get it that not everyone is a power procrastinator (like me!) and so there are people out there who want to have their shopping done already. They want to have those holiday goodies accessible to motivate and supply.

Just not me. The week of Thanksgiving is about as early as I can take it. And music is ok while I put up the tree, then I need none for a couple of weeks. Otherwise, it's overload.

So what about you? Share!

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  1. You are FORGIVING. Before Halloween? Wow!