Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday



  1. Oh, I LOVE fishing with the family! We had some great bluegill fishing times this past summer! Ice fishing is right around the corner in my world! (I am a freezy-cat, so we take a heater in the ice shack, and we get it cooking in there so warm that I can take my coat off. We won't be doing that for another month or so - when the ice is REALLY thick - thick enough to drive the truck on!)
    Love your pics - they make me long for summer days and lemonade and fishing in a BOAT - not in snowpants!

  2. How fun!! I like that even the dog made the family fishing trip! Cute pics

  3. My family has done an annual trip to Lake Powell since before I was born....strictly for fishing. We go when it's too cold to be in the water. I always loved it as a kid, and find that now I look forward to it as much for my kids as I did for myself.