Monday, March 15, 2010

Imaginative Play, Giveaway Style

Entries are now closed- Thanks for playing!

I love love love it when I hear my daughter up in her room, singing, chatting, and playing. She carries on those fabulous conversations with goodness only knows who, and entertains herself for hours on end. I can sit outside her door and just listen, and I love it.

Did I mention that I loved it?

My children pretend to work at the office with me, preparing tax returns and reviewing paperwork. E pretends he's a chef, whipping up fabulous dishes in anticipation of his future career. (He wants to be a "Cooker at the Olive Garden" - mmmMMMMmm!) I pretend to be working so as to avoid cleaning. I'm pretty sure Big Daddy pretends to still be asleep so I will get up and make the coffee. These days, J is pretty into pretending he doesn't care what we think, but for pretend play, I'm seeing a fair amount of playing soldier.

We do a lot of pretending around our house! So, when I was contacted by the folks from CSN Stores about hosting a little giveaway, I was SO excited by THIS:

One of the over 200 stores from CSN is I won't lie, I'm kind of drooly over a number of things I found when I went to look around. I mentioned on Saturday the fabulous piece I'd like to have for my entryway, but I'm afraid that may just be the beginning. I could spend hours looking at adorable kids furniture, toys, and um... hello, shoes! 

Anyway, the nice folks over at CSN have offered up to one of you, my dear sweet lucky readers,  the above super-sweet Let's Play Veterinarian play set. Neatly tucked inside it's own little storage tote is a complete vet's office, including patients! Non-latex gloves, a "prescription" pad, Doctor's coat and mask, you name it, it's all there for your little veterinarian. Even a resource CD and guide for moms and dads. Go here to learn more about what all is included!

I am completely in love with this play set, and I want you to win. So, here's how you go about doing that! 

  • Visit and pick out an item that you love. Leave a comment with a link to your favorite item. 
  • Become a follower of Already a follower? Fabulous! Either way, please leave me a separate comment letting me know!
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  • Tweet or Facebook this giveaway, and post the link here in the comments. You are allowed one entry per day this way, and must leave a comment for each separate post.
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I'm celebrating today, since it's my first post with Our Mommyhood. I am SO glad you're here to celebrate with me! I'll be closing entries at 11:59pm (EDT) on Saturday, March 20th, and announce the winner on Sunday.Entries will be numbered in order received, and with a little help from, I'll pick one of YOU to get to share this fabulous fun pack with the little ones in your life.

Good luck!

This giveaway is sponsored by CSN Stores. I have received no monetary compensation from CSN Stores or any of their affiliates. They have provided, at no cost to me, the above item to give to a winner of my choosing. 


  1. Sweet giveaway! I'm a follower!

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  3. Come on people enter!! This is a super cute giveaway Megan..

    I follow!!

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    Sooo pretty!

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  6. Discovery Kids 256 MB Kids MP3 Player

    Belly would love this item. She constantly listens to music and loves to sing!

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  8. I liked the Baby Mama Drama. What an excellent post and OH SO true!

  9. OH I love all the train sets!! My son is 22 months old and would absolutely love something like that for his birthday. Off to daydream!

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  11. And I have your button scrolling on my blog.

  12. Lots of neat furniture, but I really like this bookshelf.

    My boys would love the play set!

    my girls would love the kitchen set

  14. how do you describe a miracle because anyone who is 30 weeks pragnant needs a shout out


    the melissa and doug beginner pattern blocks! my daughter loves puzzles!

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    Thanks for the support over at my mess... the name of your blog is super catchy... :-)

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  19. Oh my goodness! There was so much to look at on their site. I did find this storage cabinet though. Very nice!