Sunday, April 11, 2010

Approaching T-Day

It's coming... 

The Deadline.

While it scares so many, I look forward to it. Yearn for it. 

Surviving to that date means I succeeded. I survived. My family made it through - I won't say unscathed, but certainly alive and intact.

As soon as the worst is over, we'll be kicking off our first baseball season. I was pretty proud of J this week - he had a rough practice on Wednesday:

Thought for a bit that it might involve an E.R. run. Good news was he never lost consciousness, no nausea, and only a few tears. In fact, Mr. Tough Guy decided to go back out and practice some more after 20 minutes or so. (Didn't keep me from waking him up a couple times overnight, or calling the school nurse the next day to give her the heads up. Scared the sweet bejeebers outta his momma, no lie.)

So, anywhos - we'll have our first game on the Saturday right after tax season ends. Just got our time slot, in fact, and will spend the better part of that morning, and probably a bit of the afternoon as well, at the ball fields. I'm pretty excited. I hope my boys are, as well.

I'm also looking forward to working in my yard- the grass needs cut already, but we've got to change the oil in the mower first. I would like to build a compost bin and some raised beds, too, but we'll see what happens there. In the meantime, I've signed up to join a CSA - for $15 a week, I'm going to have fresh, local, organic produce well into the fall! SO excited about that.

Also after the 15th, on my list is a good, solid massage. My back is a MESS, and has been now for nearly a week. I did something similar to it last summer, and was able to use a gift certificate to a massage therapist who did amazing things for me. I'm really looking forward to walking normally again.

So - what's new with you!?


  1. Holy moly that is one goose egg! As a guy, I'll bet he's proud...ESPECIALLY since he did not pass out! Wowza! I think, as a mom, I may have...good goin' to you!
    Yes, I think you need a massage from all the tension and the sitting and hunching over a desk. Too bad you don't live near here...I know a gal that is magic, I tell you - she would send you into all sorts floaty places - you'd want to buy real estate there.
    I'm pretty impressed - the home stretch and you're still bloggin'. You're amazin'
    Megan. Hang in there and do the sprint! You're almost there! I hope you get the best massage ever! You deserve it!

  2. That bump on J's head makes me feel nauseated! Poor dude!!

    I was thinking of you yesterday and how I was longing for the 15th so I could have my Megan back. Err.. I mean, so that you can get some much needed rest...

    Did I tell you that I received the Vet Set on Friday?? SO EXCITED! Thanks again, friend.

  3. Woah! Poor kid and Mom!! I would have freaked out!

    I actually thought of you today when I heard people talking about taxes LOL.

    I hope you enjoy your upcoming much needed massage. :0)

  4. That's one huge bump, as a mom that would've scared me too.

    Oh, by the way, I saw that you live in Indiana too. I live in Madison, Indiana, have you ever been here?