Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Last, Great Push

(For this year)

Tomorrow, Friday, June 25th begins the Mario Marathon.

I know, I talked about all of this stuff once before, but I think it’s important. Valuable.

Have you ever met a child who’s had to spend days, weeks, even months in the hospital? Are you the parent of one of those kids? Were YOU, at one time, one of those kids?

Child’s Play Charity helps those hospitals provide the kids with some entertainment options. Videos. Games. Books. Even crib mobiles for the youngest patients. (You can check out the wish lists of registered hospitals at the Child’s Play Website-

Mario Marathon is one of the largest fundraising efforts for Child’s Play, and the guys involved are very, very excited to get to be a part of it.

So, please, check it out. At some point this weekend, peek in on these guys. Give ‘em a shoutout on Twitter – if you use the hashtag #mariomaration it will show up in the live feed on the website. And if you can, please donate. Even just a little bit will let the guys play a little longer, which leads to more exposure, which lets them raise MORE money. Because, when kids can focus on something besides the reason they’re in the hospital, that’s a good, good thing.


*** Some other recent press/information about Mario Marathon:

From: Purdue Today


From: Blag Hag (You know her as the Boobquake girl!)



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