Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I will not.

I will not perpetuate the hate.

I will not let the extremist actions of a small group who identify themselves with a larger group DEFINE that larger group. Especially if it is a religion.

I will not hold accountable those who are not accountable.

I am a believer in the healing power of forgiveness where appropriate, and placing blame only on those who are at fault.

I believe when an olive branch is extended, one should grasp it so we as a society can move forward. There is no benefit in living in the past.

We are not all the same. That’s what makes us wonderful. Our differences allow us to learn from one another, to grow, to share.

Unless those who are different are held back, because they are "different.” Unless they are not granted the same opportunities as others, because they are “different.” Unless they are denied access, because they are “different.”

It’s sad to me that we, as a society, haven’t moved past some of the pettiness that clearly still exists. That we can’t just grow up. That civil conversation is so difficult. That people cannot respect that love is love, regardless of who it’s between, and that what a small group of individuals  did is not a reflection of what others intend to do.

Your choices about who you are, how you love, live, praise and celebrate – they make you YOU. And I love you for you. Even when I don’t agree with everything you do, say, feel or believe, I respect that those are our personal differences, and I embrace that about US. I am me. This is how I love, live, praise and celebrate. Thank YOU for embracing me, despite our differences. And thanks for not trying to keep me from being me. And if I ever do something that keeps you from being you, please, call me out on it. Immediately.

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  1. nicely written megan. it is sad how things are not moving forward in so many ways. we all have one life to live (i guess that depends on what you believe happens after, but you know what i mean...), we should be able to live it how we want, as long as we're living a good life. congrats to you for believing in that.

  2. I couldn't have said it better myself! Nicely put!