Friday, October 29, 2010

Hooray for 5QF!

I haven’t been able to play along with Mama M. & the rest of the 5QF-ers in forever!

I really had wanted to vlog today, too. Not sure why, but the drive was there. Sadly (or maybe not?) my voice is NOT there. I currently sound like some horrible hybrid of a goose and a donkey. It’s not pretty here, folks. So, I will spare you all my honking and braying, and just type instead.

5 Question Friday, in case you’re new-ish, is the brainchild of Mama M. over at My Little Life, in which she presents five questions, we share our five answers, and we all link up and be bloggy sociable! This weeks questions are:

1. If you could be a fly on any wall, which would you choose?

2. Do you budget your Christmas shopping or just get it done without budgeting?

3. What is the craziest fad diet you have ever done?

4. Is there a TV show that you have seen every episode/season of?

5. What one song always pulls at your heart?

1. Oh, to be a fly on the wall…. I’m just not sure where! I keep coming back to in a labor and delivery room, because I think in another life I’d have Mama M’s job, but frankly, who wants a fly in the room while they’re trying to focus!? Hello, distraction!  Honestly, I think sometimes it would be best to be a fly on my own walls, and view myself from outside. A fresh perspective, if you will. It might make those teachable moments a little easier!

2. Christmas is all about budgets. Well, everything for us is about budgets. But especially big things like Christmas.

3. I don’t diet. Never have.

4. I don’t know that there’s a show I’ve seen EVERY episode of, but we could probably give Law & Order a good run for their money.  OH WAIT! There was a show a couple seasons ago.. Life On Mars, I think. *Hold Please, while I Google..* Yes, that was it. Life on Mars. It was a one season deal here in the states (apparently it has some roots in the BBC) and we really enjoyed it! I think I caught the whole thing!

5. There are a lot of songs that really get me… “Alyssa Lies” makes me cry EVERY.STINKIN.TIME. Blake Shelton’s “The Baby” gets me too. Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven”, Sarah Mclachlan’s “Angel” – those also make me weepy. The Goo Goo Dolls’ “Iris” makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Can’t pick just one!

So that’s my five! It feels good to play along again! Now I’m off to see what other’s have said.

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  1. Nice song choices. :) Hope your voice comes back soon!

    BTW, visiting here through 5QF. :)

  2. Oh, "Tears in Heaven" could I forget that one?!!!

    How's the referendum going (did I spell that right? It doesn't look right...)?

  3. Megan, your diet is "put it in front of me and it's pretty likely that I will eat it."