Wednesday, October 27, 2010

teaching myself with teachable moments

I’ve started about 9 different posts, and then deleted them, because when I re-read them, they were either mean or whiny.

I’m tired of whining, and I’m not a mean person, but I don’t feel good, and if I can’t whine, I want other’s to not feel good too. So I’m mean.

I want to make fun of the people who can’t seem to park between the lines in our parking lot.

I REALLY want to make fun of the people who make stupid comments on the articles written in our local paper.

And then, the reality of it all hits me.

As a mom, I have the responsibility of setting a good example. I can point out to my children that it’s important to park between the lines so that there is enough space for everyone who’d like to visit a shop in our strip mall. Then, I can demonstrate that by making sure I'm properly parked when we go somewhere. In a few years, I can start teaching the kids how to park a vehicle between the lines themselves.

I am working hard on taking advantage of teaching moments. Every day, something happens that creates an opportunity for me to demonstrate to my kids how to make good choices. How to handle difficult situations. How to disagree respectfully, and how to celebrate successes without rubbing it in the face of those who weren’t as successful.

So, even though I want to whine, I’m going to try not to. And while there are 101 things I could be mean about, I’m going to try to avoid that, too. (Or at least while the kids are in earshot. I can’t make any promises about what happens after bedtime. There are some people making some really bizarre statement on there, guys!) 

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  1. Its ok to be human and just remember to make sure your kiddos know you did something wrong if you mess up =)

  2. Oh, ouch! I'm so guilty of acting like that, too. I really need to remember to be an example for my kids.

  3. "I REALLY want to make fun of the people who make stupid comments on the articles written in our local paper."

    I feel your pain. I've found that I just have to stop reading the comments. Ugh!