Sunday, October 31, 2010

I wanted to come here today and be able to be happy and cheerful. After all, it’s Halloween, and I love Halloween! I love the costumes and the fun, and I really love the candy!

But I can’t. I shared with you all early this month about Morgan’s passing.

Friday, Morgan’s beautiful young mother passed away. She leaves behind her parents, husband, and three surviving daughters.

My heart is beyond broken for this family, who has already endured more than anyone should have to. The loss of a daughter and sister is hard enough, but to lose  a wife and mother just a few weeks later…

It’s just hard to breathe. To swallow.

To stop crying.

So would you please say a prayer today for my friends? Pray for peace, and healing, and strength. Pray for comfort. Pray. Just pray.

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  1. Im speechless. Im so incredibly sorry for everyone.