Monday, November 15, 2010

On God and Moms

We are blog readers. We are writers. Many of us are parents, all are children.

Sometimes we find a piece out here in this vast expanse called the world wide web that grabs a hold of our hearts. One that refreshes our spirit, touches our soul.

I was reading an article on when a link at the bottom of the story caught my eye.

Mom’s secret weapon: The God Box

It spoke to me.

First thing I heard was “All Mom’s need a secret weapon!” Often, that’s true, but as I read the words, I read of the simple faith found jotted on scraps of paper and tucked into boxes, I realized that this weapon was far more powerful than anything I’d imagined.

At a time when life around me is tumultuous at best, as I struggle with how to help a family who has lost so much, as I fight my way through the financial tangle in our own home, as I wrestle with finding a balance with my oldest child’s fierce independence, this simple concept reminded me.

Let Go.

Let God.

ASK God.

There are days when I wonder about the strength of my own faith. The harsh realities of life leave it shaken, weakened. I look around and see brokenness, pain, sadness, anger.

I want to fix these things. I want to make them better.

But I can’t.

To have such faith, such powerful, unending faith, to have that? I want that. I want to have peace in my heart knowing that nothing I am facing is too much. I want to KNOW, truly KNOW, that nothing that is put before me is more than I can handle.

And to remember that when it all feels like it is too much, perhaps all I need to do is put it on paper and put it in the God Box.

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  1. oh Megan, God is so much bigger than everything in our lives!! i've lived on the motto, "Let go and let God" for a long time now. it's honestly, the only way i CAN live. b/c i can't do it all my own.

    trusting fully 100% in God takes time, patience, and love. but when you get there, you can't and won't go back.

    that was an awesome story. it's not always that easy to let go, but perhaps this is a good way to start.