Friday, June 10, 2011


Ten years ago today, my daddy walked with me through the grass, between rows of our families and closest friends, towards the man who was about to become my husband.

Ten years ago today, I met him in a gazebo by a pond, surrounded by trees, decorated with grape vines and white flowers. We lit a candle, we said our vows, exchanged rings. We became husband and wife.

wedding                 wedding2

Much has changed in those ten years – we’ve survived building a house (while pregnant, closing on E’s one-month birthday, which meant we also moved with a newborn. Ugh.) We’ve expanded our family. We’ve lost loved ones. We’ve fought with one another, disagreed on how we wanted to handle discipline, pouted, whined and occasionally been plain mean.

We’ve also held each other together in our toughest times, stood by each other through challenges, celebrated our victories, and enjoyed building our life together. We’ve wept with joy as we welcomed our children. We have experienced things we never imagined getting to experience.

It’s not been perfect, no marriage is, and those who tell you differently are lying. It’s been more good than not, though. We’ve learned a great deal about ourselves and each other, and we continue to grow, learn and support each other.

Here’s to many more years.



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