Wednesday, June 8, 2011

School’s Out for Summer!

Today was (finally!) our last day of school!

I am anticipating the standard “Mom? I’m bored.” by around 2 tomorrow.

Nah, not really, but I’m suddenly looking around and thinking about all of the things we need and want to do with our summer, and feeling a little overwhelmed. To go along with our Bucket List, I have some key housekeeping things I’d like to accomplish. I’m in the midst of some serious purging around here, but there is a TON more to get rid of. E has decided he’d like to move into his own bedroom, which is fine, but his room has become a storage unit over the years, so there’s some serious work to do there. Finally, I’d LOVE to park ONE vehicle in our 2-car garage for the first time ever.

Don’t judge. Please? I’m not a good housekeeper. I know that this is my cross to bear, and the mess that I’m dealing with here is of my own accord, so I’ll get there. My goal is to do it without being overwhelmed by it. (I’m working with some guidance from the FlyLady, and already it’s helpful. Now to work harder on the new routines.)

Did I mention that in all of that, I have to still work? I’m already feeling like a slacker this week, because with end of the year events at school, I’ve not been in the office in 2 days. My guess is when I check voicemail tomorrow, it’s gonna be a nightmare.

I also hope to find an opportunity to join one of the groups going out searching for the missing college student, Lauren Spierer. My heart simply breaks for her family, and the truth is, this could have been me, or any one of my friends. We’ve walked that same street, late at night, in groups or alone. We just never know what tomorrow may bring.

Bringing this back around full circle, if you will, the kids had a great school year. J had fantastic ISTEP scores (our state’s standardized test – I don’t love it, but I can’t be upset that he did well, right?) E won a slew of awards today, as did M. I’m so proud of my kids, at least for now – report cards are still coming, so there’s time for that to change, I guess!

Ok, I’m off to put 5 minutes into the hot spot that is our table before I head to bed. Please, pray for Lauren & her family, and for the hundreds of volunteers searching for her. We’ve been caught up in this heat wave, with heat indexes over 100 degrees, and because of the terrain they are searching, many are wearing (wisely) long pants and long sleeved shirts, etc. If you’re reading this and are part of the search crews, thank you, and be safe.

Be blessed,

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