Sunday, October 16, 2011

30 Day Challenge : In the Beginning

So, I almost bailed before I even started.

And then I remembered I posted a whole post about it.

There’s that accountability thing.

As such, I have just shared these things with Julia, as we kick off for real tomorrow, and I’m sharing them with you all as well.

Megan M. Front       Megan M. Profile

Please disregard the chaos that is the front of our refrigerator. We were looking for a better place to take the pic, but frankly, we didn’t have one.

The profile picture was the one that was important to me – that squishy part just above my waistband? THAT is my target as far as working on my overall shape. My core. I’d like to tighten that up a bit, strengthen the core muscles and know that it’s also helping my back. (Because it will!)

Here are the other details:

Weight : 115 lbs

(Height, although not requested, is 5'4")

Biceps : 10.5"

Waist : 29.25"

Hips : 37.5"

Thighs : 19.75" (left) 19.0" (right)

Chest : 31.5"

Pushups : 28 (16 military, next 12 needed knees down)

Situps : 19

(The pushups and situps were what I could do in one minute.)

Ok, Julia. Bring.It.On. My squishy stuff is ready for you!

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