Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Um. Yeah. It’s challenging!

I blew day one.

Day two isn’t much better.

Day one coincided with extension deadline day, and I worked a long day. I did not get up early (like I intended)  to do any working out for the 30 Day Challenge, and I did not do it when I got home.

Because I sucked.

It’s now 4:08 on day two. I did the warm up.

After I finished dying, I did some of the workout.

And died more.


I am a wuss.

I’m going to keep working on this! I do not want to be a wuss!

Julia? She’s not a wuss. Her JOB is to kick my butt. She’s doing a fine job of it.

I *CAN* do this, even if I can’t do everything Julia wants me to do. I can do some exercise, and get healthier.

First, though? I’m gonna get another glass of water.

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