Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hero Mom

She’s no different from any other mom – when our kids are sick, we take care of them. We take them to doctors appointments, dispense medications, cuddle and comfort them.

The difference for her was that her child had cancer. The doctors were oncologists. The medications were injected through a port in her two year old daughter’s chest. Cuddles and comforts were in hospital rooms around IVs. A fever meant an ER trip, not another dose of Tylenol. Holidays were spent in isolation after a stem cell transplant.

That was six years ago now, and today that little girl is going to be nine soon. She’s cancer-free, and full of life. And she wants to share her story.

Allstate & The Blog Frog have an opportunity where we can help.

You don’t have to sign up. No emails, no linking your Facebook or Twitter. You just go to the page & click  the “Vote” button. All we need is to finish in the top five. You can vote once a day, and each and every vote is so valuable.

You see, one of the Hero Moms, one of the top five based on our votes, will win $2,500. My Hero Mom? She’ll get the money they need for her to take her daughter on a mission trip to share her story of faith and her battle with cancer, along with the after-effects of treatment. The remaining money will be donated to the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to help fund research grants so that in the future, kids will have better treatment options.

Please, click on this image to go vote for my post for my Hero Mom, Tammy, and her daughter Colette.


I’ll love ya forever!

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