Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I whined at her.

After being certain I was on death’s door, and whining at you all, I whined at Julia via twitter.

And then?

I sucked it up and made my person MOVE.

It wasn’t Julia’s workout of the day, I only had managed part of it. (Seriously, the woman wanted 45-second planks. That’s a form of torture, I think it may have been outlawed by something like the Geneva Convention!)

What did I do? How kind of you to ask! I busted out my Wii. With my children watching in horror, I used the “tough” workout mode thing on our Just Dance 2, threw down better than 1100 “sweat” points, and then went ahead and died again.

I have decided that it’s not cheating. It’s recognizing my own physical limitations, and modifying my workout.  Because this is not about doing Julia’s Mom Workout of the Day (because Julia is a personal trainer, and is amazing, and I am in awe of her!) but it’s about doing more for ME. It’s about getting healthier. It’s about strengthening my core, maybe carving an inch or two off of my mommy pooch, and just FEELING better.

But, she did promise that tomorrow would be easier.

Thank goodness.


  1. It's not cheating! While the goal is for you to do her workouts, the real goal is for you to do SOMETHING. So, I think a tough Wii workout is completely acceptable, and I say GO YOU! Just keep moving : )

  2. OMG! Forgot that I had Just Dance 2. Totally busting it out tomorrow. Have you tried the Michael Jackson dance game for the wii. It rocks!!

  3. I completely enjoy your blog! I would love to follow your twitter but don't see a button on your page. Can you help?