Monday, April 26, 2010

Completing their Picture

This is Freddie.

A friend of mine, Lyndi, is trying to bring him home.

You see, Freddie is currently living in an orphanage in the Ukraine. Lyndi and her husband Bill have been called to bring him into their family, where he will join his six brothers and sisters who are anxiously awaiting his arrival.

The biggest challenge now are the funds needed to be able to finalize everything.   They've already done a few special fundraisers, and have others that are ongoing now.

Will you please visit Lyndi's blog, read a bit about their story - her love and heart for her kids, both biological and adopted? If you feel so led, there are ways to support their endeavor financially, but Lyndi also would just love to feel your prayers wash over her and her family as they embrace this next chapter in their story.

And just maybe, together, we can help bring Freddie home, and complete the picture.


  1. wow. small world. did you see i was just raising money for orphanages over in Ukraine and Russia? my friend founded an organization called Doma International that works with these organizations. I will visit her and hopefully she can get some help from Doma!

  2. I will the blog I am hope this work out I have 2 cousins adopted from Romania