Monday, May 30, 2011

Twitter = Friends = Giving = ROCKING!

I have learned over the last couple of years that Twitter is awesome. Much like blogging (but not as wordy!) you find some really amazing people out there that you can connect with.

I have my bloggy friends.

I have my tax friends.

I have my sports friends.

And I have my charitable friends.

I mentioned in this post a year or so ago that via twitter I found the Mario Marathon. I won’t rehash too many of the details, the links are all there, but I do want to hit a few highlights, and give you an official heads up: We are now just over 3 weeks away from the start of Mario Marathon 4.

Long story short – a bunch of guys, supported by their wives, bosses, friends and other family members, hang out and play video games – specifically Mario games – for days. Why? To raise money for charity.

Child’s Play Charity purchases games, books, movies, etc for children’s hospitals across the globe. Mario Marathon’s first three years have resulted in nearly $125,000 being raised for the organization, with the growth being nothing less than astronomical. Year One saw $11,767 raised, which was huge. Year Two more than doubled that amount, bringing in $29,082. Year Three resulting in a whopping $82,082 being donated by people all over the world to Child’s Play via Mario Marathon.

Year Four is gearing up to be the biggest and best year yet. As it rolls out, you will see me talking about it in my twitter feed. I’ll be facebooking about it. And it will show up here.

It would make my heart feel warm and fuzzy if, should you decide you’d like to make a contribution, you’d link up and do so through the little widget on the top right of this screen.

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  1. Thanks, Megan, for your post. You are awesome in your support. I'm glad that MM has allowed us to reconnect and be friends again. With your help and the help of your blog buddies (probably not the correct term), we can make this Mario Marathon the best yet!