Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh, HI! Remember me?


Not so good at this blogging thing sometimes! It’s been three weeks since I’ve posted, and it’s not even tax season!

We’ve been keeping busy, doing a little this and a little that.

I joined the Pinterest craze. I would LOVE to tell you that I haven’t blogged because I’ve been pinning, but roughly 80% of the time I try to use Pinterest, it doesn’t work, so I quit. Even still, I’ve found some fun things to pin.

My husband won a pair of Colts tickets from Jim Irsay on twitter. (I’d tell you to follow my husband, but it would be a wasted effort. He doesn’t tweet, except to Irsay. That potential social media addiction is lost to him – it would interfere with his online poker.) It wasn’t the amazing, multi-post worthy experience I had back in January, but I’m all about any chance I can get to see my Colts play in person. If you follow the NFL at ALL, you know that the consistently amazing Colts team is … not so amazing this year. We’ve not won a single game yet. Rough.

You know that saying about lemons and making lemonade?

When you’re having a really bad year, the bandwagon fans who have tickets to games are willing to sell them really cheap.

I jumped on StubHub, and we had the chance to take our sons to their very first Colts / NFL game. Totally surprised them with their tickets, took our time after the game just wandering around Lucas Oil, took lots of pictures, and while we still lost the game, we won the day.

DSC01921_edit DSC01938


(Eli in our seats; Jeep in our seats; My Guys in front of LOS; Jeep & Eli in front of the field & window in Lucas Oil.)

We had a wonderful time, and a fresh round of thanks to Jim Irsay and the Colts organization for helping make it all possible!

I think that will do it for tonight!

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